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Hi, my name is Danielle Burns and this is where you can learn more about my story and how I started using Young Living products to better my family's life.

I am a wife and mom of two. I grew up always helping my teachers and kids with special needs in school, took community service and child development classes. I always wanted to help others and make a difference. As for my love for kids, I thought I would open my own daycare someday.

   As I fast forward, parenthood came with all types of challenges. I never expected to have the over-the-norm fear and worry. The amount of appointments with different doctors and different types of tests, to the home-based programs. My daughter was having some focus problems in school. As she got older, she was not participating in activities as much. She was then diagnosed with anxiety and A.D.H.D (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). My son was not crawling or sitting up on his own at six months old. Things just didn't seem the same as when my daughter was little. He started receiving PT, Speech, OT, and Early Intervention. He was diagnosed a few times over the years with developmental delay. His latest diagnosis is Intellectual Disorder.

    Over the years, hectic was an understatement. Doctors telling you what to try and what to do, to help your kids live a normal life. My daughter went on medicine that made her not herself. She was quiet and very skinny, and was like a zombie. She got to the point where she hated how she was and said "Mom, do I have to take these meds. anymore?" and I said "Nope, I will figure something out."

    It was in 2015 when I was outside having a playdate with my cousin and a mutual friend with our kids. One of my friend's kids fell and she went to him and took out some type of spray. She sprayed his hands and it smelled so nice, I had to ask what she was using. She told me it was some essential oils mixed with a bit of water. She then broke out a whole case she carries with her at all times. She got into telling me what she uses to help support some things. She started telling me where she gets them and other products that were non toxic. My cousin was also interested and had a party shortly after. I went to the party and bought my first kit. I then started going to classes and groups in the area. I learned a lot about the company and the products. I learned about our bodies and so much more. I met so many new people. Today, those people are my friends and my family. After I learned and did my own research, I found that certain oils helped support my daughter with her symptoms in school. She graduated with high honors and a cosmetology license. I now use oils as part of support to my son with schooling and to stay calm when needed. We are currently trying some new things. He is doing pretty good with school. He is in Special Olympics, loves doing Tik Toks and watching YouTube with his friends. Can't forget his favorite, playing on the PS4 & PS5.

  I found non-toxic alternatives to use in my everyday that are helping support my family in a healthier lifestyle. Would love to help others find a new way to look at things in their lives. I want to make a difference for someone, like someone did for me. 

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